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How Long Does It Take To Write Essay

The 10 page research paper is probably the most common assignment students get in their coursework. It seems like a good length for most topics that instructors want students to research and write about. Plus, it doesn’t seem horribly discouraging – in terms of how many words is a ten page paper double spaced, it will vary from about 2500 – 2750.

  • It can take longer to complete an essay if you can’t adequately plan and manage your time so that you spend enough time working on the essay. How Long Does Writing an Essay Take? When you factor in all of the different problems that students can face with writing essays, it can take up to 8-10 hours to research, plan, write, and review a 2,000-word essay. In other words, you will need.

  • However, for a fairly theory heavy 2500 word one id probably do it (inc. research) in 3-5 days, or 2-3 if I push. The main problem with those isn't the research itself but making it all into a coherent argument. For a science or light theory one it's 2-3 days max.

  • I am going to tell you about my own experience. With Hand-Writing: Depends on you, in what way you want to write 1200 words essay means If you want to write an essay in the exam on paper, you will learn and then write it with your handwriting. you write fast or slow, it.


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